Hershel Lazer

I am the heartbeat inside a thriving community of leaders- challenged, guided, and coming together to get better, grow stronger, and become Built to Lead whatever we choose, while leaving my mark on more than a few.

My purpose is to do mitzvah’s, learn Torah, and create a space and path to grow, develop, and find deep meaning as I discover who I truly am, and serve my creator as best that I can— recognize all that is being done for me, quietly fulfilling what’s expected, and striving to earn my eternal and final resting place in Olam Haba.


Never Stop Learning:

  • Chumash, Mishnah, Gemara, Halacha

  • Mesillas Yesharim, Kav Hayasher, Chovos Halevavos, Derach Hashem, Perkei Avos,

Chesbon HeNefesh:

  • Daily accounting

  • Rosh Chodesh [re]start

  • Rosh Hashanaha Annual Goal Review

Live It, So I Can Give It:

  • For my kids, family, friends, clients, community, and all of Kal Yisroel.

Sholom Bayit:

  • Honor my wife

  • Honor my parents

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Speak soft, calm, and just enough


There is One G-d and he is responsible for everything.

Man is like a breath

Free choice determines which way the scale tips. There is good, and not so good within all of us that influence our decisions. The choice of whether to use my intellect or be a slave to impulse indicates which side I most identify with, which ultimately defines who I am and who I’m becoming.

Actions in this world have an impact in the spiritual world, and just because we can’t see or sense it doesn’t make it not so.

There is purpose behind everything that happens, and it’s for my ultimate benefit, regardless of whether or not I can see or understand it.

It’s entirely possible for someone to live their entire life without ever thinking or using free choice. Only  through consistent effort can we really think and be deliberate without sleep walking through life.

We have a finite amount of time left in this world, and wasting any of it is throwing precious opportunities that we can’t ever get back.

When I find myself in a dark place and it feels as if I’m being buried, the truth is, I’m actually being planted. 

Life is a series of non-stop tests. The higher I climb, the harder the tests.

There are people who believe in G-d and those who believe in nothing

I believe we exist in this world temporarily, earning our place in the next world with everything we do, and that which exists in the highest spiritual world also exists in a lower form in this world. I believe my thoughts, actions and speech have more of an impact than I can ever comprehend, but that one day I will see.

Humans want to connect and belong AND we also have a deep drive to be independent. We plan; and G-d laughs. However, when it comes to spirituality we all have an opportunity to make ourselves what we will.

Everything is connected

My soul exist on many levels, and even though my physicality on the lowest level prevents me from seeing the whole picture, occasionally I can glean a glimpse from a higher level. However, you have to be able to hear it, and that’s only possible if I’m looking for it. G-d speaks to everyone but the question is, who is listening and can hear the call?

In the physical world, we understand there are laws, like gravity. So too, in the spiritual world there are laws that once in place, operate as designed. That which we placed our trust effects consequences. Trust, invested with power brings success- just like nature, once established will run its course. Everything I do in this world has a counterpart in the spiritual world. I have the power to create worlds and at the same time I am nothing, here today and gone tomorrow- taking nothing with me except my mitzvah’s, tzedakah, and good deeds.

Teshuvah is the biggest and best give Hashem gives me. If I want to live and look back on my life with no regrets, I’ll use this tool to repair what I’ve done.

Measure for Measure. As we do for others, so too will be done to you.