Ari Witkes

My dream is to have a lean and very profitable self-managed law practice. The firm is built to last. I have a dedicated team. Our culture is positive and growth-minded. We make a positive impact on clients/debtors. We leverage technology to get the best returns for clients.  


My practice is diversified and we have joint ventures with clients. I'm building businesses, not just growing my law practice – debt buying company / lending company / software development.  

My Purpose

To make a positive impact on every person that interacts with WLF. To support my team in an all-encompassing way. To provide for my family and community abundantly. To give a lot of charity. 

My Strategies

  1. To make a positive impact on every person that interacts with WLF.

  2. To support my team in an all-encompassing way.

  3. To provide for my family and community abundantly. To give a lot of charity. 

My Scorecard

  1. Everyone on my team has an OPUS and is working towards achieving personal and professional goals. 

  2. WLF has reviews from clients / debtors acknowledging our impact. 

  3. WLF has given 100K, 200K, 500K … to Charity. 

  4. WLF has annual fees over 500K, 750K, 1M, 2M. 

My Worldview: I believe...

  • G-d is ONE. The same way we are one with our thoughts, G-d is one with the world. The universe is an expression of G-d. It’s my job to reveal that truth. 

  • G-d is actively creating the world at every moment. 

  • G-d is Good and wants what is best for me just like a father wants what is best for their child. 

  • My purpose is to reveal G-d in the world by living as a channel for G-d's will. Do good, refrain from bad. 

  • Everything (all dimensions – person, place, things, time) has a spark/soul of G-d. G-d is always with me. My soul, which is my life force, is a piece of G-d. 

  • Every person is a world with depth to be unearthed. The microcosm like the macro is fragmented, by revealing its essence & true nature (soul) I can piece the fragments together.  

  • Everything has a time and place. Everything happens for a reason.  

  • I have two types of “souls” (1) a materialistic, base, and bodily driven soul, and (2) a spiritual, holy, refined soul. I must work hard to mobilize the soul over body and spirit over matter.  

  • By nature, the mind controls the heart. I have control and can choose my thoughts, speech and actions.  

  • Treat others just like I would want to be treated, and even better. 

  • Never judge another until I’ve walked in their shoes. You can never truly walk in someone else’s shoes. If you must, give people the benefit of the doubt. Lead with Empathy. 

  • My body is a loan, it must be treated with respect. Take care of it. My body keeps the score – tune in. 

  • Self-limitation and doubt can only come to one that has a sense of self. Ego is the enemy. Be a channel. 

  • Getting angry is equivalent to serving idols.  

  • Our bodies are limited, but our soul is not. By uncovering the soul, I can tap into infinity and achieve anything I truly desire.  

  • One's success is measured by their effort/pain. “L’pum Tzara Agra.” Seek out pain/challenge because that is where the real gains are acquired. Effort counts twice. Enjoy the process. 

  • I am made to toil. 

  • A person is where their desire/will is.  

  • We act consistent with who we believe we are. 

  • One attracts what they are and what they think about. Think good and it will really be good. “What you aim at determines what you see.”  

  • My CORE shapes my thoughts and emotions which shapes my perception. Once’s perception shapes their reality.  

  • Everything I experience can be a lesson in life and in serving G-d.  

  • Take extreme ownership. Never take up residence in victimhood. I get from life what I demand from it.  

  • All choices and actions have consequences. I have the privilege to choose. Choose wisely. 

  • Action and doing is most important - “Maasah hu ha’ikar.”  

  • Do something every day to become better. CANI. What have I done today to make the world better? 

  • Live in the present. Be inspired by the future. Measure progress looking back. 

  • There is no such thing as ultimate failure, only lessons. Life is a test. Test helps me grow. Fail forward. Keep moving forward. 

  • I can learn something from every person. No one is beneath me. 

  • All problems are minor when I think and appreciate the transience of life and the blessing it is just to be alive. I won the lottery just by being alive. 

  • Don’t tell G-d how big your problems are – tell your problems how big G-d is. Don't complain. 

  • Faulty thinking is more often than not, the problem. 

  • Teshuva is available at any moment and for any person. The more sincere the Teshuva the farther I can reach.   

  • When you take care of others, G-d takes care of you. 

  • My current priority is my inner circle - My wife, family, friends, community.  

  • Wisdom comes from experiences (personal or vicarious), unrelenting curiosity, and self-reflection. Become wise. 

  • I am blessed. 

  • Take calculated risks and enjoy the ride.  

  • Being vulnerable is an invitation to others for connection. Being curious shows, I care. 

  • At the end of the day what matters most is what you did to make another’s life better.  

  • People remember most how you made them feel. 

  • Everything I have is a gift from G-d. All my thoughts, feelings, talents – everything I have is from G-d. G-d deposited it to me for me to utilize it for good. 

  • The world/and myself is on a scale with good deeds on one side and bad on the other. The scale is even. If I do good, I tip the scale. If I do the opposite, the scale goes down. Visualize this! 

  • Don’t judge your insides by other people’s outsides.  

  • Embrace being hard on yourself without being down on yourself.  

  • The highest performers create internal dissonance intentionally. 

  • There are two ways to live life: You can see what you want or see what’s standing in the way of what you want. Focus on wants and make them musts. Any obstacle can be overcome. 

  • Everyone’s mind is under their control, you can focus your thought, speech, and action anyway you choose. The intensity of your focus will determine the range of your accomplishment. 

  • Sacrifice the perfect for the good. Done is better than perfect.  

  • Be your own authority. Know what you believe. 

  • If someone else was in your shoes, with your skill and temperament, they would do a much better job. 

  • Truth in love. Sometimes you have to be ‘cruel’ to be kind. 

  • Mass attracts mass. 

  • Education consists of doing, not merely of knowing. Educate means to draw out from within. 

  • Power is simply organized knowledge, expressed through intelligent action. 

  • Every human brain is both a broadcasting and a receiving station for vibrations of thought frequency. 

  • If you would like to achieve great success, plant in your mind a great motive. 

  • Do more than what you get paid to do. 

  • We all have faith in something or someone.  

  • The stronger a person’s Ratzon is, the more inner strength he will have. When a person wants something badly, he has a much easier time getting it. 

  • Be – Do – Have. Think right, then act, then you will have. Most people do the opposite. 

  • Don’t worry about making mistakes, it’s the best educator. 

  • Train your mind to see what your eyes cannot. 

  • Fatigue makes cowards. Mental toughness is proceeding past pain. 

  • G-d will open up the blessing, but you got to want it and ask sincerely. 

  • Don’t ask if it can be done, ask if it should be done. If it should be done, do it – Hashem will take care of the results. The main thing is to take action. 

  • The things that are good for me – don't always feel good. 

  • The facing of death brings an invaluable gift for life. Face death in order to live a more authentic life. 

  • Hurt people, hurt people 

  • THE pain of change is much less painful than the pain of staying the same. 

My Identity

  • I am a Jew  

  • I am a Loving Husband and a Caring Father 

  • I am a constant learner and always striving for improvement. 

  • I am an Optimist and Genuinely Happy 

  • I am a Giver 

  • I am a Business Owner / Investor with a legal and rabbinical education 

  • I am Curious 

  • I am Trustworthy  

  • I am Honest  

  • I am adaptable  

My Principals:

  • Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. Growth Mindset.   

  • Love/Kindness – Love what I do, the people I work with, and embrace opportunities. Greet people first. 

  • Truth – Emes (Honesty, inside and out - Consistency) 

  •  Love/Kindness – Love what I do, the people I work with, and embrace opportunities. Greet people first. 

  • Truth – Emes (Honesty, inside and out - Consistency) 

  • Confidence – I Know I can do anything. Commitment + Courage + Capability = Confidence 

  • Persistence. Relentless. Prove-them-wrong mentality. Tenacious  

  • Courage. Brave. Do things you’ve never done before. Take risks. 

  • Live. 

  • Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. Growth Mindset.   

  • Vision over visibility. Keep the big picture in mind. 

  • Ownership Mindset. Take ownership over everything in your life. Be the change. 

  • Curiosity. Always question and be creative. Make things better. 

  • Gratitute. Appreciation. Everything I have is from G-d. Breath, family…  

  • Charity. Give more than you get. 

  • Action. Bias towards action. Do, do, do. 

  • Commitment. Be committed and follow through. 

  • Decisiveness. Make decisions quickly. 

  • Communicate Cleary. Cut through tension, get to the bottom of motives. Vulnerable. Do not allow things to go unsaid. 

  • Always do your best. Work harder than everybody else. 

  • Humility. Everyone else can do a better job. 

  • Self-Control. Resist impulse. 

  • Regret Minimization – P.R.I.O.R: Project (when I’m 80), Reflect, Internalize, Observe, React. 

  • Stay Active – HIIT exercise  

  • Spontaneous and Fun to be around 

My Passions

  • I love to read / learn 

  • I love to learn Torah  

  • I love to connect with G-d / Daven 


  • I love to give Tzedakah, contribute, help others   

  • I love to spend time with Gabriella, family and friends 


  • I love to go on walks/hike  

  • I love to work out  

  • I love to play competitive sports 

  • I love to play active sports  

  • I love deep conversations with others, learning about others  

  • I love to challenge myself and others  

  • I love to vacation  
[disconnect to rejuvenate] 

  • I love to explore new places  

  • I love to do new things  


  • I love to dress nicely  

  • I love to think and reflect 

  • I love to write

  • I love to prepare for public speaking  

  • I love to watch competitive sports and learn 


  • I love to listen to music  


  • I love to brainstorm  

  • I love to enjoy good food 

  • I love to expand my self  

  • I love to learn from others 

  • I love to bring people together  

  • I love to challenge and fight dogma 


  • I love to invest in others  

  • I love to travel. I love Israel  

  • I love good quality things  

  • I love to enjoy good cigars  

  • I love to learn about the best leaders and top performers 

  • I love Boston sports teams 

My Process