Chet Scott

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Over-Arching Vision

Our big dream is to wholeheartedly AND with deep-seated humility live out our OPUS in work and life along this “highway of orange barrels” we call the Builder’s Journey.  Our aim is to model the way.  We believe this REAL, HARD WORK has the  power to transform individuals, teams, and leaders.  We want to grow old, but not tired, with a Band of CORE centered builders, families, friends, and clients who LOVE becoming BTL, who LOVE each other, and who embody speaking, listening, and ACTing with truth in LOVE.   Magic.  AND we want to inspire future generations to build “it” even better.  Together we transform.


Together we Awaken, Challenge, and Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders from a lone toward all ONE – one L of a difference. One, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Together we transform. Always together.

Unified Strategies

1. Master the 12 8 4 framework through daily discipline of study. Three hours/five days a week is the expectation. Study, learn, apply.
2. Write 6 days a week about BTL. Slow down and reflect.
3. Serve every client/builder with a singular focus on making them do what they can. Do not allow fear to stop us from challenging out of belief. Love the craft, the builder, and the client.
4. Prepare for every practice as if they won’t grab the reins. And, every practice be open and encourage the client to take control. Embrace just this side of chaos. Understand the risks and repair or deal with the consequences.
5. Give more than take from every relationship.
6. Model the way, embrace pain and suffering, embody truth in Love.
7. Ask God for help. Ask friends for help. Ask family for help. Ask doctors for help. Ask my bride for help. Seek help humbly.
8. Engage the BTL band in new engagements. Play together as a band of builders.
9.Reach. Rest. Recover. Repair. Reach again. No finish line mindset.
10.Create margin to laugh, love, and live in alignment with core and toward opus.

Scorecard for Significance

1. Seeing Family, friends, and clients taking the leap in pursuit of their self authorizing opus
2. Receiving letters/emails/voicemails that surprise me with someone “getting it.”
3. Smiles, laughter, and tears from real, raw, practice toward becoming ONE.
4. Seeing teams get tired together, come together, serve together, and improve together. TWT in action.
5. Savor a client referring a potential client regardless the outcome.
6. Receiving a sincere challenge from a believer bent on making me better.
7. Giving the gift of a client to another builder.
8. Witnessing a Shannonball, Cali, David, Vinny, Jim, FD, Larry, young Kenny, Grappy, hypocrihopper, Brett, Frankee, Lauren, Keisha, Paul, Mark, Rich, Brian, Cbear, Lamb, Tommy, Timmy, Slo, Kyle, Mike, Robert, Ron, Ryan, Wierema, Nick, Kevin, Rachael, Taylor, Jigs, Dan, Durp, Dosch, Brooke, Sam, Dave, Mark, and so many more, emerging as leaders through the gift of practice.
9. Seeing a sincere challenge from a teammate to his/her leader through the gift of practice, delivered ccd and met with acceptance, gratitude, and a willingness to let it in. Seeing laughter replace loathing. So cool.
10. Seeing builders build their business under the BTL brand.
11.Receiving an insight from practice that most missed but flipped the switch in me – flow, freakin’ magic.
12. Receiving an invitation to build from a loved one beside me.

My Worldview

God exists, created everything, made us for Him, gave us free will, And, modeled the way, embraced pain and suffering, and embodied truth in LOVE. Thank you Jesus.

I am accountable to God.

Jesus is the begotten son of God and the light of the world.

There is a law of human nature just as there are laws of nature. The laws of nature tell us what something does in fact do, the law of human nature reminds us humans of what we ought do but do not. Thanks, C.S. Lewis. Thanks, Robert Greene for the helpful “and.”

Absolute truth exists. It’s just really rare and rarely found.

There are no enlightened ones, only ones still seeking light. Thank you, Jordan Peterson.

I am my own worst enemy.

Life is a paradox. We are poison and wine.

We are made to glorify God by enjoying him. Thanks LA.

We are designed with the deep desire to belong and become. These desires are in conflict.

We are made for relationship with God and humankind. And, all human relationships are bittersweet.

We are broken people trying to become whole.

We are a perpetual W.I.P….

All humans are born to lead, at a minimum we are on the hook to lead ourselves.

All humans have a justice thread (a sense of right/wrong) and are naturally “over-tuned” to our own.

All virtues are built by going against our “nature.” Second nature is the ONE I want. Thanks N.T. Wright.

Creation and Evolution are true. Thanks Francis Collins.

Faith without science is fools gold. Science without faith is science fiction. Funny, huh…

All humans are becoming BTL. The key question is who are your builders. I am choosing to build me with the help of a few.

Betrayal stings like death. And, none of us gets outa here without experiencing both.

Leaders are believers. Leaders are connectors too.

Beliefs and behaviors are always out of alignment. The deeper my beliefs the more clearly I see my blemishes; yours not so much.

Leaders model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and try like hell to embody truth in LOVE. All fall short. The best keep getting up while giving others a hand.

The greatest leadership challenge is not out there, it’s in here…

Life is a test. What comes out under pressure only reveals what’s been in me all along.

We come into the world self centered and other controlling. Excellence flips the equation to CORE centered and self controlling. It is not all about me. Dang it..

Pain is inevitable, misery is a choice.

The present moment is God’s greatest gift, that’s why it’s called “The present.” Thank you, Joe Friend.

Time is undefeated. 

Chronic pain dulls and deadens our senses. Chronic pain is slow death in the making. Chronic pain is epidemic today.

Hearing happens very rarely when we’re hurting. And, most humans are hurting most of the time.

Embracing acute pain is the recipe for eliminating chronic pain.

Peace is found on the other side of acute pain. (See the evolution since 3.27.21)

My bride, our family and friends are the greatest source of joy I’ve known here. And, home is where the hurt is too. Thanks, Miss, for holding my hand through all of it.

Passion is jet fuel for living.

All humans are filled with fear. Fear is the real “F” word.

truth in LOVE conquers all.

Humans are the only animal who wear masks more and more as we grow older. Be who you are.

Human consciousness is a blessing and a curse. Dogs are dogs. Lions are lions. So lucky and limiting, right. All animals simply follow instinct and are who God created them to be. We have the blessing and curse of consciousness. Cultivating the core brings clarity to consciousness. Do the hard work within. Discover who you are. Live your life accordingly. Keep aligning. Die singing your song. Good…

Measure progress looking back. Gain inspiration looking forward, at the unattainable/aspirational, overarching vision of your OPUS.

Clear, concise, and direct (always with respect) is the language of connectors.

All humans are creative and only a few find their canvas.

Challenge and contentment go together. Just this side of chaos is where high performance resides.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions and it’s overrated.

Sabotage is a part of every human system. Thanks Friedman.

The non anxious presence of a leader is real power. Thanks, again, Friedman.

Emotions are contagious. Few are worth catching. Focus on the few. Focus on the positives.

I can only do what I have learned to do, and I have much to learn about just about everything.

Not yet…

A lone  is one “L” of a difference from All ONE. Thanks Gurue.

Distinct and deeply connected is the hallmark of deep relationship. The problem lies in your distinction, however. The more distinct one becomes, the more likely the disconnects. It is a fine line between the two. Distinct and deeply connected is the ONE you want. Distinct and disconnected is a thin line away. Humility helps us stay connected…

Worry is too much future and not enough present. Thanks Ekhart Tolle.

I get energy from pushing myself and others physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Big dreams give us energy. Thanks Goethe.

I learn the most from those that don’t like me. Funny, huh.

Pride is not one of my problems, it is my biggest problem. Pride tells me to look around, mostly down, and compare. Humility drops me to my knees, demands I look up, and adjusts my aim accordingly. I am here to humbly serve and I need God’s help to gain His perspective. God, help me…

A balanced life is not my aim. Integrating around my CORE, OPUS, and PoP is my roadmap to mastering the art of living. Thanks Chateaubriand and L.P. Jacks.

All humans have faith in someone or something.

All humans have a God shaped vacuum that only He can fill. Thanks Pascal, I think.

If I’m still breathing, I’m good. Thanks, SEAL’s.

My capacity is grown through the relentless pursuit of my God given potential. Never stop pushing.

I am a builder and friend. I’m a better builder than friend. I am paid to speak hard truth and am now wired to give it freely. Sucks to lead anything, huh my friend.

Someday the truth will set you free, in the meantime it just may make you miserable. Thanks, Richard Rohr.

Excellence is a hero’s journey unique to each of us, fraught with struggle, laced with failure, taken with another, and toward something bigger than ourselves.

Excellence is found when I finish stronger than I started. Thank you, Peloton.

Excellence begins when we learn to do hard things kinda shitty and don’t quit. As we continue to learn how to do hard things less shitty, we begin to believe we will learn to do them well. Excellence is learning to do the right, hard things well. Masters do hard things well while making it look easy. Excellence is never easy. 

I am not in control. I cannot control circumstances, other people or life in general. I want control. I am slowly becoming more comfortable being uncomfortable and out of control. I have close to 100% control of my choices, and I am learning to “go with the flow.”

Human minds crave certainty. Life is more mystery.

Mastering the art of living takes faith greater than fear.

I am slowly becoming awake and oriented times four…

Desire is not my problem, being far too easily pleased is. Thanks C.S. Lewis.

The more I deeply change, the more authentic I become.

Maturity is the process of becoming the original we already are.

Putting first things first does not make second things less. Thanks C.S. Lewis, my favorite author.

All humans have integrity gaps (we’re hypocrites). I am working to notice yours less and close more of mine.

The most powerful force in the universe is a soul on fire.

Real power resides in rest, restraint, repair and deep resolve, not so much in revenge!

We don’t see things the way they are. We see things the way we are. Thanks Anais Nin.

Humans are story tellers and meaning makers. Most of us tell too many negative stories to ourselves (Thanks, Seligman), project too much bullshit on social media and in social settings, are too easily distracted (Thanks, Pascal), and take too little time in our search for meaning (Thanks, Frankl). God, help me.

I lose energy when I can’t see the shore. Thanks Seabird.

Vision over visibility. Thanks Bono.

Comfortable in confusion. Thanks Alive.

Peace and power are mostly found when one goes, quietly, to their room, alone. Thanks, Pascal.

Food is our first medicine. Thanks, Miss, for bringing so much clarity here. 

Heavy metal toxicity is true. No doctors are God. We barely know anything about our health or happiness.

Real experts ask the best questions and rarely deal in absolute answers.

Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides. Thanks, Rob Lowe.

All humans leave a legacy. We all transmit something to the next generation. I am trying to transmit love and I’m struggling.

Survival wiring has me naturally thinking of things as “either or.” I am slowly learning the power of “anding.”

Mindset matters. A growth mindset loves learning more than it loathes losing. I believe in growth and am learning not to care so much about winning. Thanks Carol Dweck.

A champions mindset is not driven by ego but inspired by mastery. The focus is not on win or lose, it’s win/lose and learn. Always learn. 

I am a house divided. And, slowly and painstakingly becoming ONE.

Evil exists. The enemy uses distraction, today, like there’s no tomorrow.

Excellence requires we marry the mundane. Someday we will learn to love what we once loathed. Keep working.

Someday, God will return and put all things right. We know deep within, if we dare go there, that nothing makes sense this side of that day.

Hope makes no sense in utter darkness. God is light. Run away and toward.

We are all imitators. The question is around who you imitate.

Never stop attacking. Don’t protect anything. Thanks, Kyle Snyder.

Unchosen suffering points us up even as it takes us down. Thanks, my life saving friend, Grappy.

The quantity (Thanks, Jordan) and quality (Thanks, Annie Duke) of decisions, plus luck, determines the quality of your life. The more high quality bets you make, the luckier you get.

If it’s gonna be funny in the future, go on, laugh now.

A strong core cannot bullshit and is always on the move from truth in anger toward truth in love. None of us arrives as whole. The best keep moving. More love, please. 

The longing for justice, search for spirituality, hunger for relationship, and desire for beauty are stirrings in our souls. Thank you N.T. Wright.

Humans heal when we talk and touch in a way that transmits God’s love.

I labor in love with those I love. Love the work. Love the team. Together we transform. Always together. Opus.

Great lives follow a pattern – Feel and think. After you feel love, you’ve got to think through how you’re going to stay connected when you don’t feel so much love. Feel and think. 

Live hard. Love harder.

Most learning is remembering.

The melody line I am choosing to hold in my mind is simple and powerful beyond words. God, help me.

I believe mantras matter. My current mantra came to me from the life of my best, four legged friend. Teeks life modeled these four words and I’m hoping mine does as well – Live hard. Love harder.

I believe March 27, 2021 was a MOT for me. I saw deaths door and it didn’t scare me. Thank you brother Mick and Grappy. Thank you St. Anns docs, nurses, and technicians. Thank you to the Cath lab crazies. I believe God gave me a peace  I still don’t understand. I believe a weak, incomplete faith in God is a mighty fortress in the crucible.

I believe the time to build a strong CORE is now, not in the crucible. Most humans delay this hard work. This is predictably irrational.

Humans are more rationalizing than rational. Predictable, huh.

Pain narrows perspective. Peace widens it. Since the acute pain of March 27, 2021, my being is more peace filled. I’ve experienced peace on the other side of acute pain. My belief has deepened. Does this make it true?

The more I learn the less I know.


— A house divided. And, slowly and painstakingly, becoming ONE.
— A sugar addict.
— Embracing truth in LOVE. Telling, not so much on hearing.
— Poison and wine, bitter and sweet, and so are my relationships.
— Keenly aware when betrayed, clueless when I do the same.
— A perpetual student and demanding builder.
— An artist and an entrepreneur.
— A builder for a few and fixated on mastery.
— Clear, concise, and direct. Oftentimes seen as COLD.
— A challenge and a challenger of others.


  1. Model the Way

  2. Embrace Pain and Suffering

  3. Truth in Love